Hedent's Inkodest systems is used for easy production of demineralised water with purity satisfying the requirements of Euronorm 285. This water is equivalent to conventional distilled water so that it can be used for all systems requiring distilled water (such as storage batteries, autoclaves, steam cleaners, irons or investing materials).

This system is wall-mounted to save space and directly connected to the water faucet (3/4" screwed connection) to enable you to get fresh demineralised water at any time. The filter cartridge functions on the ion exchange principle and can be replaced in a jiffy. Mounting two cartridges one right after another and the precision metered flowthrough velocity gives you much better water quality that the standard calls for. The second cartridge is needed for safety and guarantees optimum system utilisation. Hedent can regenerate the cartridge and cartridge consumption is indicated by a colour-coding system that enables you to identify the remaining cartridge capacity at any time.

The capacity depends on the tap water hardness. You can still guarantee economical demineralised water extraction even if the tap water hardness is poor (in other words, very hard water). The demineralised water is caught in the supplied 5-litre can and an acoustic sensor automatically sounds when the can is filled to maximum to shut off the water supply. That enables you to always use water treatment economically.

Technical Specifications
height / width / depth 375 / 340 / 165 mm
weight 2.5 kg
power supply 9 V batteries
water connection 3/4"
water quality
Euronorm 285 < 15 μS max.
Inkodest < 3,5 μS max

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