Hedent has been iconic for sophisticated high-quality dental products since 1948 because transforming next-generation ideas into reality has always been high on its agenda.

A case in point is 1968 when it came up with and put the first automatic compressed air polymerisation machines into series production. A major percentage of these machines are still in regular use after more than 20 years.

Then, Hedent added a new type of delayed polymerisation denture resin it came up with to its range of plastic products. That was followed by Hedent devising a precise system for making full dentures that saves dental technicians time: this is our PERform Inkovac System. Hedent developed all of these systems including the processing materials adapted to the specific requirements of the PERform Inkovac System.

At the onset of the 80's, Hedent designed and offered one of the first steam cleaners for dental laboratories with an entirely new design for this model series offering simple and reliable compact systems for continuous and permanent operation.

Over the years, a selection of systems and materials has emerged that Hedent has been selling on the international market in more than 35 industrial countries.

And we still engineer raw materials and aggregates for products to pass on the benefits from these innovations to our customers.

Stephan Gerlach
President, Hedent GmbH