This system works like Inkodest, but with a pressure-proof decarbonisation cartridge. You can connect the system directly between your water faucet and steam cleaner or to the handling unit to supply the systems connected with water free of lime. Inkoquell protects these systems from lime deposits and this system has much greater capacity than the Inkodest.

HedenT Inkoquell 6 water softener ensure the removing of minerals such as magnesium carbonate and prevents deposition of lime scale in Inkosteam steam cleaners. It has to be
installed between the water tap and Inkosteam. The water softener is intended to be used to soften cold water .
The parts of the tank and the cover are made of stainless steel. The cover is made up of two separate parts to make it easier and safer to open and close. Strong cationic resin in a sodium form is used for softening and can be regenerated easely by the user.

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