An efficient, economical steam cleaner for daily use in a small laboratory and in-house lab. The compact unit has little space. The steam jet remains largely constant.
The device must be manually replenished daily. The tank volume is designed to meet the needs of a practical laboratory. The load capacity is indicated by indicator lights. Housing, boiler and heating appliances are made from quality stainless steel as all Hedent appliances. The unit received high safety standards and is backed by three different security systems. A wall mounting is included. The compact unit has extremely small footprint and low power consumption.

The steam nozzle can be replaced easily. Thereby, the strength of steam yet can be conformed to the work. Steam nozzles are also available 1mm, 2mm, 3mm.

Technical dates:
Measurements: Height: 380 mm control voltage: 24 V DC
Width: 225 mm Voltage: 220-230V 50/60Hz
Depth: 174 mm Power: 1000 W
Weight: 11 kg Fuse: 10 A
Tank volume: 2700 ccm Securityy inquirers to: DIN IEC 598/ VDE 0711: IP21

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