Hedent came up with the PERform Inkovac System to make plastic prosthetic dentistry economical. Its major precision and clean and logical technique replace the previously-used compressed mould technique.

With the PERform Inkovac System, the resin is not just pressed into a gypsum mould, but into a mould made of extremely solid duplicating material directly onto the model. Then, a vacuum is generated under the model with the PERform Inkovac flask which ensures that the resin does not lift from the basis of the model while the resin seals the surface of the model. Further, the 5-bar pressure in the polymerisation machine exerts pressure on the denture base to evenly press the resin onto the model during polymerisation. However, shrinkage only has an effect on the thickness of the denture base while the even surface pressure on the entire base of the resin guarantees that the resin is polymerised onto the model without tension. That's why thermal shrinkage (and the tension it causes) is no longer necessary due at the low polymerisation temperature of 45° C.

The dentures polymerised in the PERform Inkovac System are true to form and exhibits never-before-seen accuracy of fit. The Inkovac System doesn’t allow bite increases and full dentures can be integrated without any problems.We efficiently polymerise high-precision plastic bases on combined precision dentures, attachment works and button attachments. PERform Inkovac dentures fit the model precisely without any splits while the surface smoothly comes out of the duplicating material mould avoiding the necessity of time-consuming work-out.

  • Equipment
  • Order no.
  • PERform PPA 6
  • 107 830
  • duplicating unit DS 3
  • 115 143
  • vacuum control unit
  • 115 025
  • tooth socket screen
  • 115 122
  • PERform flask
  • 115 000
  • cuvette receptacle
  • 115 011
  • set of accessories
  • 115 126