PERform PPA 6

PERform PPA 6 is a compressed air polymerisation system specially developed for versatile and professional applications in the dental laboratory. It has a high maximum operating pressure of 6 bar (adjustable to your needs) for extremely good physical plastic characteristics. You can also set the polymerisation temperature to whatever plastic you're working on (max. 90° C) and there's also a visible temperature control mechanism (indicating both the target and actual temperature). The major boiler volume and large cover opening enables you to also polymerise work in the articulator.

You can simultaneously polymerise three flask when producing dentures with the PERform Inkovac System. Hedent's flask clamp enables you to work as many as two bronze flask with the conventional compressed mould technique (hot polymerisation). It's suited to completing, repairing, relinings, extensions and pressure investment of investing materials. The bottom of the boiler has extra reinforcement to rule out any material fatigue from constant pressure impingement. The heater is mounted in the boiler to guarantee direct temperature feed. You can individually adjust the polymerisation time also allowing long-term polymerisation with a special function. You don't lose any pressure when you turn off the compressor during the polymerisation processes. This system satisfies the requirements of the Druckbehälterverordnung (German Pressure Vessel Ordinance).

Hedent always makes sure that high-quality materials are used for manufacturing its systems while constantly assessing and adding experience and improvements from new products to our work.We always set the bar higher for material tests than required by standards. A case in point was the structural engineering of PPA pressure boiler we tested at 5 times the operating pressure (although the standard only called for 1.5 times). A new idea is no longer casting the cover plate, but milling it out of full material CNC to rule out leaks from gas inclusions (i.e., bubbles). Finally, the PPA sealing equipment has multiple safety equipment so that it can only be impinged with pressure when the cover is properly closed.

Technical Specifications
height / width / depth 285 / 355 / 300 mm
weight ca.13 kg
boiler volume 6270 ccn
compressed air connection 6 bar/min
connection 230 VAC 50/60Hz 1000W
line safeguarding 6 A

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